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Sacramento, CA area businesses — If you are looking to start a new AdWords PPC campaign, or improve existing PPC performance, Shimmer managed AdWords campaigns are the best solution for maximum Return-On-Investment.

Shimmer’s unique and conversion focused methodology for maximizing Google AdWords PPC performance has helped to make us an industry leader and a national top pick for managed pay-per-click services.

Of the major paid search ads platforms, Google AdWords PPC is the clear choice for serious search advertising. Because of its success and popularity, it is also hyper competitive — and only the savviest of search advertisers reap its greatest rewards. That’s where we come in! Shimmer is a certified Google Partner that has been professionally, and successfully managing Google AdWords PPC campaigns for eight years — a stat that most of our competitors simply cannot claim.

Sacramento area businesses, feel free to contact us anytime. We’re happy to discuss managed AdWords PPC services, answer questions, and/or get started with your online marketing project. We look forward to providing your business with stellar service and maximum return on investment.

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