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ADWORDS REPORTING: Hard & Soft Conversions

Recently, I’ve had a lot of discussions regarding AdWords conversion rates and conversion costs. These discussions have taken place with existing Shimmer clients, potential clients, colleagues and even my wonderful wife — a multi-channel marketing whiz.

What I am discovering is that many folks don’t have a full understanding of how Google AdWords conversion tracking works, or how valuable conversion data is to determining the return-on-investment of a PPC (pay-per-click) advertising campaign.


What do you call a conversion? What user action is important to you and your business? This is where many AdWords managers do themselves and their clients a disservice. You see, conversions aren’t easy to come by, and clouding reports with unclear conversion definitions often leads to inaccurate measures of campaign profitability.

Hard Conversions Vs. Soft Conversions
When crafting a search advertising campaign (and many other types of digital marketing campaigns), it is of the utmost importance that everyone involved understands how conversions are defined, and what their value is to the advertising project. The very first set of definitions should be those of hard and soft conversions…

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