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Shimmer Receives Multiple “Specializations” Accolades From Google Partners

The Google Partner program has rolled out a new feature, company specializations, that recognize and differentiate partners with specific expertise in certain areas. These specializations are only awarded to certified Google Partners that demonstrate increased performance and product expertise in AdWords products. Google Partners can earn specializations in 5 areas: Search Mobile Display Video Shopping […]

Our Latest Google AdWords Results

At Shimmer, we are very proud of the results our clients realize from our Google AdWords management services. We’ve just posted recent AdWords reports showcasing some of our industry leading conversion rates. Please take a few moments to view our performance results, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Another Google Redesign — Increased Column Width

Google’s new layout includes a significantly wider column for search results. Beyond positioning space, this change impacts title and description elements important to SEO. Google has increased the column for organic search results to about 600 pixels from 500 pixels.  The amount of whitespace between the results and features in the right sidebar has decreased […]

5 Major AdWords Mistakes Ruining PPC Performance

The Google AdWords pay-per-click (PPC) platform has become an essential marketing element for most businesses, big and small. Done properly, AdWords can quickly deliver a mind boggling amount of high quality leads and/or online sales. Unfortunately, most businesses now know this, and AdWords has become quite competitive — and this drives up click costs. For […]

AdWords Acronym Guide 2016 | 39 Need-To-Know Google AdWords Terms

Anyone new to Google AdWords, and even account manager veterans, can quickly find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer volume of acronyms, abbreviated words, terms and phrases utilized throughout the AdWords platform and PPC industry. Heck, quite often, browsing through AdWords reports is like trying to decipher teenage text talk… srsly! Here at Shimmer, we’ve put together […]

ADWORDS REPORTING: Hard & Soft Conversions

Recently, I’ve had a lot of discussions regarding AdWords conversion rates and conversion costs. These discussions have taken place with existing Shimmer clients, potential clients, colleagues and even my wonderful wife — a multi-channel marketing whiz. What I am discovering is that many folks don’t have a full understanding of how Google AdWords conversion tracking […]