AdWords PPC starter plan from Shimmer.

Shimmer Receives Multiple “Specializations” Accolades From Google Partners

The Google Partner program has rolled out a new feature, company specializations, that recognize and differentiate partners with specific expertise in certain areas. These specializations are only awarded to certified Google Partners that demonstrate increased performance and product expertise in AdWords products.

Google Partners can earn specializations in 5 areas:

  • Search
  • Mobile
  • Display
  • Video
  • Shopping | E-Commerce

Shimmer Digital Media is currently being recognized for expertise in Search, Mobile, and Display. We also expect to meet Shopping expertise criteria within the next few months.

The new specialization tags are a great way for us to demonstrate to our existing, new and potential clients that Shimmer continually strives to provide the absolute highest level of Google AdWords management services.

At Shimmer, we’re beaming with pride over our new specialist distinctions, and we are ever thankful to the wonderful clients who’ve allowed us to manage their search advertising and organic search optimization campaigns.

Craig Postlethwaite | Shimmer

Shimmer: Getting settled in Reno, NV.

Getting Settled in Reno!

7 Weeks in and We’re Lovin’ Northwest Nevada!

Sunshine! Everywhere, every day, sunshine. Hey, we love northeast Ohio, but northwest Nevada definitely has the edge on warm and sunny weather! It’s a good bet that Nicole and the Ohio crew are not rockin’ shorts and flip-flops today ;)

So, we’re pretty close to settled here in Sparks, NV — 10 minutes from Reno. Shimmer business is booming nationally and we just hooked up with our first NW Nevada based company, Impact Menu Systems. Josh and crew are great, and we’re looking forward to helping out with AdWords PPC management for the business.

On the personal side, things are awesome as well. The beautiful “Mrs. P” loves her new role with Lincoln Cutting Systems and Boy Wonder is quickly making new friends, and running around the desert with the Spanish Springs varsity cross-country team.

We’re all a little homesick, but the abundant sunshine makes the transition a little easier — us Ohioans aren’t used to seeing the big yellow ball so often.