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    Certified Google Partner, Exceptional PPC Performance

    Certified Google Partners with AdWords PPC expertise provide high quality pay-per-click management services, and help clients achieve greater online visibility and higher conversion rates. Top performers, like Shimmer, take visibility and conversion focus to the next level… obsessive.


    Shimmer ~ Google AdWords Performance Chart

    Our Google Partner Performance Chart

    Conversion Focused Google AdWords Management Company

    Trust is essential to any business relationship, especially the relationship with your Google AdWords partner.

    As Google AdWords campaign management becomes more complex and time consuming, more businesses are looking to professional pay-per-click (PPC) management agencies for help. A certified Google Partner and highly qualified AdWords management company like Shimmer can administer all aspects of your PPC campaigns, improve your pay-per-click ROI and free your time for other business matters.

    Our services include campaign set-up, comprehensive keyword analysis, ad copy and optimization, automated rules, bid adjustments, landing page optimization, performance monitoring, reporting and more.

    In our industry, we believe you will not find a more comprehensive set of AdWords management services from any competitor as dedicated, results driven, and affordable as Shimmer Digital Media.

    Higher PPC Conversion Rates, Lower PPC Conversion Costs

    It’s all about conversions — How many are you getting, how many lead to sales and how much does each conversion cost?

    Whether you’re a small business just getting started with pay-per-click advertising or a global juggernaut in need of increased PPC conversions and greater sales, Shimmer’s AdWords campaign management services will begin producing measurable click through results within hours of launch.

    Continued services will increase your online advertising success as we refine keyword lists and PPC ads, define growth opportunities, improve conversion rates and decrease conversion costs. We never lose sight of the fact that generating high ROI sales is your number one priority.

    Get in touch, we’d love to discuss the services and support that make Shimmer a nationally ranked AdWords management company that is a top pick for businesses big and small.

    Why Choose Shimmer For Google AdWords Management?

    It’s Gotten Complicated

    There are nearly 1 billion websites on the net. Yep, that’s a lot of zeros! The fact is, there is a lot of competition online and the Google AdWords platform is continually evolving and becoming more complex.  That’s where we come in; we know AdWords inside and out, and we stay up to date with new platform features, changes and best practices — so you don’t have to.

    We Understand The Metrics

    With a slew of performance metrics to analyze, AdWords reporting is no place for the easily intimidated. Conversion rates, quality scores, click-through-rates, impression share, and cost-per-acquisition are just the tip of the iceberg. With Google AdWords, trust only an experienced management team with a deep knowledge of the AdWords platform.

    We Actually Like This Stuff

    Yes, we think this Google AdWords stuff ROCKS! No kidding, we actually enjoy the challenge of creating high converting online ad campaigns that produce fantastic, measurable results for our clients. Generating tons of sales leads and conversions with great return-on-investment (ROI) is up there with munchin’ on a giant burrito from Chipotle’s. Seriously!

    Certified Google Partner

    Many firms claim to be AdWords PPC experts, most are not. In addition to passing both AdWords fundamentals and advanced search exams, a company must meet budget requirements and demonstrate exceptional AdWords management performance to achieve Google Partner status. As for us, we’re a certified Google Partner with a Top 5%  performance rating.

    Budget Friendly Rates

    At Shimmer, we provide affordable AdWords management services based on your campaign size and monthly ad spend. We offer discount pricing for corporate sized budgets as well as special package rates for AdWords newcomers and small business advertising budgets.
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    No Long-Term Commitment

    We never require your long term commitment or signature on bloated contracts. Our pay-per-click management services are always month-to-month and can be canceled at any time. Instead, we prefer to earn our clients repeat business the old fashioned way — with great service, high conversion rates and impressive results.



    • Keyword Research
    • Unlimited Keywords
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Ad Groups Setup
    • Ad Copy and Optimization
    • Location Based Targeting (if required)
    • Ad Scheduling
    • Mobile Bid Adjustments
    • Landing Page Optimization


    • Performance Monitoring
    • Performance Reporting
    • In-Depth Campaign Analysis (Weekly)
    • Conversion Tracking / Optimization
    • Budget and Bid Maintenance
    • Pause of Low Performers
    • Keyword and Ad Expansion
    • Quality Score and CTR Growth
    • Ad Remarketing (if required)


    • Dedicated Campaign Manager
    • Weekday and Weekend Support
    • Phone, Email and Text Availability
    • Authentic Google Reports
    • Client Access
    • Emergency Availability
    • Travel Availability (USA)
    • On-Site Training
    • In-House Training

    Let’s Do This! We’re Ready To Answer Any Questions You May Have.

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    Google Partner ~ Shimmer Digital Media (PPC & SEO)

    AdWords Performance Results

    Many of our competitors and other AdWords management companies spend a lot of time talking about getting their clients’ increased conversions rates, lower conversion costs and greater click-through-rates (CTR). As for us, we cut to the chase and share our exceptional results via authentic AdWords reports ( no manipulated data ;)