Return-On-Investment for a well managed PPC advertising campaign will out-perform nearly all other forms of internet and email marketing.

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Paid Search Advertising (SEM, PPC, Pay-Per-Click) is arguably the most important — and most profitable — digital marketing channel utilized in modern business. When return-on-investment is key, trust only a highly qualified and experienced agency for your PPC management services.

At Shimmer, our focus is on ROI — right from the start. While others may focus on click volume and “awesome graphs”, we know very well that it is the quality of a click-through that has the greatest impact on conversions and sales. We leave the “big net” strategy to those less concerned with budgets and margins. For our clients, it’s all about sales growth and return-on-investment.

Google Partner ~ Shimmer Digital Media (PPC & SEO)

The Google Partner badge means that we’ve earned Google’s trust. It shows that we’ve established a healthy business that strives to provide exceptional results for our clients and that we continue to implement and follow Google best practices.

We provide conversion-centric search advertising and pay per click management services to businesses of all sizes. From niche industries to highly competitive online channels, we are experienced, highly qualified digital marketing experts who will work closely with you — and achieve exceptional results.

Pay Per Click Management Services


A highly relevant and compelling landing page is crucial to the success of any PPC campaign. Our competitors know this, and it’s why many of them charge extra for landing page optimization. (check the fine print)

At Shimmer, our PPC management services are “all inclusive”. That means you receive content rewrites and landing page optimization as part of the package. We have no interest in up-charges, adders or hidden fees. Simply, we provide great service at an up-front price. We let our results speak for themselves… and keep you coming back as a repeat customer.


Shimmer PPC management services are available for Google AdWords campaigns, Bing Ads campaigns and Social Media PPC campaigns:



We never become complacent with results. We continually monitor, manage and update your pay-per-click campaigns — seeking new, trending and hidden keywords that will generate more leads and greater conversions. Additionally, we  are forever striving for higher click-through-rates (CTR) and lower cost-per-click (CPC)… We understand marketing budgets, and that you expect to get the most out of them.

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