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Custom digital marketing and pay-per-click management services tailored to your unique business offering and optimized to increase hard conversion rates and maximize return-on-investment.

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Certified Google Partner

Shimmer is a certified Google Partner with an exceptional performance rating. For nearly a decade our focus has been on conversion rate optimization, and it’s reflected in our results.

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We consistently rank in the top 10% of all Google Partners for AdWords performance and customer care.

More: Visit our Google Partner page for more details.

Conversion Obsession

We are conversion centric to the point of obsession. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the main focus of every digital marketing campaign we manage.  From pay-per-click management to onsite optimization, our goal is to increase conversion rates and lower conversion costs.

Fact 1: The average AdWords conversion rate across all industries is 2.70% on the search network.

Fact 2: More than half of our managed AdWords campaigns are realizing 10% or greater hard conversion rates.

Startups To Fortune 500

At Shimmer, we work with a diverse range of clients throughout many industries — and we love them all! Whether you’re a small brick & mortar shop looking to gain more local customers, or a global juggernaut in need of increased return-on-investment for your large search marketing campaigns… we’re happy to serve you.

Budgets: Our current clients have budgets between $1,000 and $125,000 per month. That’s a very big range, but we treat each client as special as the next.

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Digital Marketing | Where We Excel

Search Advertising & PPC Management Services

Search advertising and pay-per-click management is our core service. We excel at crafting high performance PPC campaigns that produce maximum return-on-investment of your Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Yahoo search advertising projects.

The Benefits of Shimmer’s Full-Time PPC Management:

  • We provide more than a decade of digital marketing experience and industry leadership.
  • We’re conversion optimization fanatics.
  • Daily monitoring and performance adjustments.
  • Google Partner top 5% performance and customer care rating.
  • No up-charge for landing page optimization. Yep, it’s part of our core service :)
  • Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly performance reporting.
  • Unlimited phone, email and text support.


Organic SEO, Content Marketing & Social Promotion

Shimmer has been the SEO marketing provider of choice for more than 5,000 brands, globally. Our digital marketing experts have lead in-depth projects for large corporations (i.e., GE Lighting, Sherwin Williams, Lincoln Electric) as well as tackling creative projects for small businesses in niche markets.

Our SEO and content marketing clients span industries from B2B to B2C and everything in between — all sharing a common goal: improved online presence and greater, conversion generating, web traffic.

Search engines such as Google update their algorithms hundreds of times per year. Understanding these updates and how they affect our clients search placement is vital to providing strategic SEO services that keep our clients at the top of the search results. Additionally, it is equally important to be well informed on the latest content and social media trends helping to shape a brand’s internet presence. This is why Shimmer strives to be ahead of the digital marketing curve, and why we’re proud to have been doing so for over a decade.




A Decade Of Digital Marketing Excellence

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